Mayweather: I’m Betting $300K on A&M


Texas A&M fattened the coffers of Floyd “Money” Mayweather by a handsome $200,000 last weekend. And the undisputed pound-for-pound king of boxing likes the Aggies again on Saturday.

Mayweather says he is laying another $300,000 on A&M this weekend at Arkansas, against whom they’re favored by three points. (It’s not clear at this point what Mayweather is betting the Aggies will do, however.) “Johnny Football never has an off day,” he explained on Howard Stern’s radio show on Wednesday when divulging his strategy.

If Mayweather keeps making money off of Johnny Manziel and company, he’ll have to reward Johnny Football by making him part of Mayweather’s ring entrance entourage for his next fight.

That we’d love to see.


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