QB McGloin Compares Self to Tom Brady


Never short on confidence, Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin has taken his bravado to a new level by comparing himself to none other than New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

“I’m definitely excited,” McGloin told the Philadelphia Daily News about the 2012 season, which will feature a new pass-happy offense in Happy Valley. “I don’t think we’re too far apart, Tom Brady and myself. But sure, we’ve watched him a lot over the spring and summer. I mean, who better to try and learn from than him? Hopefully, we’ll have some type of success like they did. But you can’t expect to go out and be the same as the New England Patriots.”

McGloin has obviously been studying Brady a lot because PSU’s new head coach, Bill O’Brien, was the Patriots’ offensive coordinator last year.

But considering that New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning was maligned for comparing himself to Brady before last season, we can only imagine the internet backlash McGloin will get for comparing himself to a future Hall of Famer, three-time Super Bowl champion and seven-time Pro Bowler.

McGloin? The rising senior and former walk-on has completed under 55% of his career passes and 22 touchdowns to 14 interceptions.

Quarterbacks are supposed to have supreme confidence in their abilities to be successful but an average college quarterback comparing himself to arguably the greatest QB in the NFL is taking that adage way too far.

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