Marquette’s Otule Pops Out Glass Eye


If you already thought Marquette’s run to the Elite Eight was impressive, consider this: Golden Eagles senior center Chris Otule only has one eye.

“I was born with one eye, actually, and the other one wasn’t fully developed,” Otule told The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “So I had to get an artificial (left) eye, since I was one or two. And every time I grew out of it, I had to go back to the doctor and they’d make a new one.

“I’ve always had one eye. It didn’t happen in the middle of my life; I’ve had it since birth. If I hadn’t had it since birth, it would probably be difficult to adjust to. But I’ve always been used to it, since I’ve had it since birth.”

While being interviewed by CBS Sports’ Jeff Goodman about it, Otule even popped his glass eye out for inspection:


Otule has been a force for Marquette in the tournament, scoring 11 points against Miami (FL) in the Sweet Sixteen on Thursday night and another 11 points against Davidson in the second round. Otule also went an impressive 5-9 from the field against “The U.” Meanwhile, the Hurricanes shot under 35% with a team full of players with two eyes.

Go figure.

[The Victory Formation]


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