Ex-UCLA Star Johnson Dunks at Age 56

As far as athletic accomplishments go, most 56-year-olds are satisfied with lowering their golf handicap by a few strokes each year. Former UCLA star Marques Johnson, however, is not most 56-year-olds.

Johnson, who’s now employed as an NBA analyst for Fox Sports Net, maintains a tradition each year of throwing down a dunk on his birthday to stay young. The five-time NBA All-Star was born in February 1956, but he celebrated his 56th nine months after the fact in order to be the first to dunk in the renovated Pauley Pavilion.

His first few attempts (starting at the 1:47 mark) are painful to watch, but he keeps at it. He’s even honest about not counting a few dunks that trickle in over the front rim and fights off the desire to lower the hoop to 8-foot-9.

At the 2:55 mark, Johnson finally slams one home. And if you watch until the end, you’ll see that he’s also maintained a pretty feathery jump shot since retiring as a player in 1989. Marques Johnson profile


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