OSU’s Titus Speaks On Football Scandal

To no one’s shock, former Ohio State hoops bench-warmer Mark Titus reveals that players on the school’s football team drove considerably nicer cars than other athletes.

Otherwise, he said he doesn’t know if allegations against Jim Tressel’s players are true.

Titus has become a pop culture phenom thanks to his popular blog, “Club Trillion” - a reference to a player who records one minute of playing time and follows with zeros in all other categories - on which he wrote the following:

“In my four years of playing basketball at Ohio State, my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee was consistently one of nicest cars on the team because none of us could afford anything better. Meanwhile, it seemed like everyone on the football team had either a new Charger or a new Chrysler 300.

“From this, I am deducing that either the football guys were paid a considerably larger stipend than we were (in all honesty, that could be the case - I really don’t know), were excellent at managing their money, came from financially well off families, or received discounted and/or free cars.”

Breaking news: We think it’s the latter.

But don’t tell Ohio State fans, who reacted with vitriol in the comment section of Titus’ blog. After what happened to Kirk Herbstreit, it’s clear Ohio State fans have started to alienate their own.

Said Titus on Twitter: “Love all OSU fans who are calling for my head for relaying a simple observation. You guys are incredible. Thanks for today. It’s been fun.”

Between Herbstreit and Titus, the message has become pretty clear: Don’t cross your alma mater or bear the wrath of Buckeye Nation. Mark Titus profile

[SB Nation]


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