Mark Richt Backflips Off 10M High Dive

When it comes to motivating his Georgia team to make a splash, Mark Richt has a tried and true method.

On Friday after practice, Richt took his Bulldogs players to the diving well at the Ramsey Center’s Gabrielsen Natatorium. Everyone with the team took turns jumping off the 10-meter high dive, starting with the head coach himself.

Richt’s relaxed form shows that he’s done this several times before. But that doesn’t mean the jump isn’t without pitfalls.

“The older you get, the higher it gets,” he told GeorgiaDogs.com. “If you land wrong, something is going to get hurt … Thankfully I hit it pretty good.”

Richt learned the move as a kid and has a history of doing it during fall camp, including in 2010 when he did it fully clothed.

Recent Olympic gold medalist David Boudia better watch his back.


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