Mark May’s Twitter ‘Hacked,’ Goes Nuts


Call it karma or call it something else, but ESPN talking head/heel Mark May got a pseudo-comeuppance on Twitter on Tuesday night.

During a 10-minute span, May’s followers were bombarded with tweets from him commenting on sports stories in the past year — everything from Bret Bielema and Chip Kelly being hired by Arkansas and the Philadelphia Eagles, respectively, to horse racing’s Triple Crown to the BCS title game.

Although May later claimed that “some vile coward hacked my account,” many speculate that he accidentally hit “send all” on all the drafts of tweets he had saved over the past year.

Larry Brown Sports beautifully summed it up thusly: “The whole thing was truly bizarre and hard to explain, which means it was very similar to May’s analysis on TV.”

[Larry Brown Sports]

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