Marcus Vick Puts $1K Bounty on Cooper


Marcus Vick just can’t see to get out of his own way when it comes to trouble.

The troubled ex-Virginia Tech QB and younger brother of Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick was in the news again on Wednesday for putting a $1,000 bounty (likely with the money he gets from his brother) on the head of the elder Vick’s own teammate, WR Riley Cooper, after video surfaced of Cooper saying “I will fight every n***** here” at a Kenny Chesney concert in June:

Marcus has a right to be outraged over Cooper’s comments but, as usual, he went about things the wrong way. Offering $1,000 for anyone to get hurt in the NFL - especially in light of the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal and the fact that Cooper is his older brother’s own teammate - just makes this especially stupid.

Even for Marcus Vick.


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