RB Lattimore to Enter 2013 NFL Draft?


South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore was a surefire first round NFL draft pick until he suffered a gruesome injury to his right knee in October, one year after tearing ligaments in his left knee. But that might not prevent Lattimore from trying to play at the professional level next fall.

Rumors have started circulating in the Gamecocks community that Lattimore may enter the 2013 NFL Draft despite the possibility that he might miss all of next football season while rehabilitating.

What Lattimore is considering is eerily similar to what former Miami (FL) star Willis McGahee did exactly one decade ago. After suffering a similarly catastrophic knee injury in the Fiesta Bowl, McGahee entered the NFL draft that spring and was selected in the first round by the Buffalo Bills despite them knowing that he would miss all of the ’03 season.

While entering the draft with a catastrophic knee injury would be a huge risk, Lattimore also can’t afford to return to school only to suffer another debilitating injury with the Gamecocks.

Andrew Bennett of Garnet and Black Attack says it best: “It’s easy to pray for Marcus to get well and get paid to play on Sunday. And, I do. Personally, I hope he goes as soon as possible. He’s earned it. He should only stay if he is hell-bent on winning the Heisman and the national championship and the SEC Championship. But, really, is that what is best for him?”

We have a feeling McGahee’s former agent Drew Rosenhaus is catching the first jet to South Carolina.

[Garnet and Black Attack]

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