Manziel Denies Pic of Trophy With Blunt


At this point, we can’t even remember a world without Johnny Manziel constantly making internet headlines for his active social life. And that makes us very happy.

The latest rumor in Manziel’s burgeoning off-the-field legend is how Johnny Football went partying in his hometown of Kerrville with his Heisman Trophy in tow on Saturday. Saturday happened to be 4/20, and if a soon-to-be widely circulated photograph is to believed, at one point during the night the stiff-armed statue held a blunt in its outstretched hand.

Manziel took to Twitter on Monday to staunchly deny the blunt is real.

We’re inclined to believe Manziel is not foolish enough to allow a picture this scandalous to be taken but one thing’s for sure: There’s never a dull day in the life of Johnny Football.

[Outkick the Coverage]

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