Manziel Appears in Country Music Video


The whirlwind offseason of Heisman Trophy winner and Texas A&M star quarterback Johnny Manziel has now intersected with the country music world.

The new music video for country artist Granger Smith’s single “Silverado Bench Seat” features both Manziel, girlfriend Sarah Savage and former Aggies wide receiver Ryan Swope, doing what a lot of country music videos center around: Riding around in trucks and having a good time.

“This video isn’t gonna change any lives or turn country music around or anything,” said Smith, a 2002 Texas A&M graduate and lifelong Aggies fan, in an interview with USA Today. “We didn’t want it to. We just wanted it to flow. We just wanted a day in the life of a couple with a truck sharing moments together. ... That’s all it is.”

Smith is somewhat of a music celebrity in A&M circles. His 2007 song “We Bleed Maroon” has become an unofficial school anthem, one that’s played on the scoreboard at Kyle Field before home games. Manziel, in fact, joined Smith on stage — along with some of his Aggies teammates — in a rendition of the song at Hurricane Harry’s in College Station in January.

While we love Johnny Football for most of what he does, we’re thankful he’s not lending his voice to “Silverado Bench Seat.” When asked about Manziel’s singing abilities.

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