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Manziel-Inspired Haircut is Work of Art


Normally a headline like the one above is hyperbole on our part. But in this instance, we are being quite literal.

A Texas A&M fan, no doubt giddy over the success of his Aggies in their inaugural SEC season, had the visage of QB and Heisman Trophy front-runner Johnny Manziel both shaved and painted into his head along with Manziel’s nickname, Johnny Football.

A questionable decision on the fan’s part? Yes. But the artistic merit of the barber/artist who pulled this off might be the most jaw-dropping thing you’ve seen in a while. And we would be remiss if we didn’t give more information on him.

Rob the Original runs a San Antonio barbershop of the same name. Only it’s better described as a “Hair Art Studio” in light of Rob’s previous work, which includes a similarly impressive portrait of San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker done back in May.

Now, back to the A&M fan with the Manziel haircut. Coupled with the oldies-inspired “Johnny Football” video posted to YouTube two weeks ago and the fan who had the final score of the A&M-Alabama game tattooed on his butt, he is the latest to demonstrate the new marriage of school and conference is a perfect one.

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