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Manziel, GF Sit Courtside at NBA Game


He may be known as “Johnny Football,” but there’s no denying that Texas A&M QB and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel loves basketball, too.

Manziel was courtside for Tuesday night’s Clippers-Rockets game in Houston along with his part-time model girlfriend, Sarah Savage. This is not the first Rockets game Manziel has had premium seats to as, he took in a game shortly before Christmas — after which he flashed the Heisman pose in the Houston locker room with James Harden — in addition to Heats-Mavericks tickets in Dallas the following night.

Let’s not dwell on the played-out “How did he get those tickets?” storyline. Let’s instead give Manziel kudos for leaving his boys at home and treating his squeeze to a night out.

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