LSU’s Miles: Big Hip-Hop, Lil Wayne Fan


Nothing should surprise us anymore when it comes to LSU head coach Les Miles, but he’s amazed us yet again with his musical taste.

We figured him as a bluegrass music kind of guy. But as discovered by a feature in The New York Times, apparently Miles isn’t too old to appreciate hip-hop.

As detailed in the story:

Moments later, the subject of music came up, and Miles, 59, reached for his smartphone. He pressed play, and what came blaring out might be the last thing anyone would guess to be the most recent song played from his iTunes library.

“This is Treal Lee and Prince Rick,” Miles said as he listened to a song by the rap duo featuring a profane title.

After mentioning that Zac Brown Band and Toby Keith were also among his favorites, Miles played “How to Love” by the New Orleans-born rapper Lil Wayne.

“I honestly think that there’s something really special to his stuff,” Miles said in a lowered voice. “I really, truly think that he’s exceptional as an artist.”

We can only hope this leads to the New Orleans-born “Weezy F Baby” on the LSU sideline at some point in the future.


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