LSU’s Mettenberger Goes Full Burgundy - Lost Lettermen

LSU’s Mettenberger Goes Full Burgundy


Judging by the outward displays of his sense of humor, Zach Mettenberger is starting to feel comfortable in his first season at LSU.

Before the Tigers’ game against Towson on Saturday, the LSU quarterback embarked on his Tiger Walk with his hair slicked, his 70s-style mustache expertly trimmed and a maroon turtle neck–gray blazer combo. And with that we learned that Mettenberger is a big Anchorman and Ron Burgandy fan.

As confirmed by LSU SID Michael Bonnette, this was intentional.

Heck he’s even got the goofy, self-involved “I’m a newsman” look down pat. Although he was probably careful not to use the “I like scotch” line, as that would’ve brought up bad memories of his time at Georgia.


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