LSU Frat Mocks Kent State Shootings


In college football, there’s a fine line between insulting one’s opponents in an appropriate way and over-the-top political incorrectness. LSU’s Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity leaped over that line prior to the Tigers’ 45–13 victory over Kent State on Saturday.

Hanging above the frat’s entrance prior to the game was a homemade sign that read, “Getting massacred is nothing new to Kent St.” — referencing the 1970 tragedy in which the Ohio National Guard fired on a group of roughly 2,000 student protestors, killing four and wounding nine.

Sadly, this is par for the course for DKE. Last year, a sign over the entrance to their house referenced the shootings in Aurora,CO, with the following: “Like the Batman movie premiere, we’re starting off this season with a bang!”

If DKE was a stand-up comic, we’d boo and tell it to get off the stage.


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