Lobos Fan Shoves UNLV Player, Ejected


The close proximity of fans to the court in college basketball games is one of the things that makes the sport great. But sometimes, those fans get to be a little too entitled. Like one New Mexico fan during the Lobos’ game with UNLV on Wednesday.

With 13:35 to go in the game, Rebels guard Anthony Marshall jumped over the end line and out of bounds in an effort to save the ball. His reward for his hustle: A shove to the chest courtesy of a fan standing in the front row.

Thankfully, the referee moved between fan and player quickly and tossed the former from the arena. The best part of this, unquestionably, is Marshall glaring back at the fan after getting shoved and the fan immediately cowering in fear.

Adding to the hatred being poured on this guy by Rebel fans, he is apparently a former UNLV student named Daniel Romero. As a result, the hashtag #f***romero has become extremely popular among UNLV fans after the Rebels’ 65-60 loss to the Lobos.

We wouldn’t recommend Romero attending homecoming at his alma mater anytime soon.

[Diehard Sport]

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