Lions’ Raiola Berates Wisconsin Band?


The Wisconsin marching band’s thrill at getting to play prior to Sunday’s Detroit Lions-Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field was considerably sullied by Lions center Dominic Raiola.

Several reports indicate that Raiola - the 2000 Rimington Award winner (given to the nation’s top center) at Nebraska - berated several members of Wisconsin’s band. Among his purported transgressions:

  • Calling the tuba players “fat mother f*ckers”;
  • Yelling at band members as they were preparing to play the national anthem;
  • Questioning a band member about his sexuality and taunting him about his sister and recently deceased mother;
  • Telling a trombone player that he was “overweight” and “can’t play a real sport”;
  • Calling a female member of the band the c-word.

If these accusations prove true, the Lions should punish Raiola by forcing him to a) Apologize to the Wisconsin band; and b) Attend the entirety of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s concert season so he can better appreciate the arts.


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