Les Miles Explains Odd Clapping Style


One of life’s great mysteries has finally been answered: Why LSU head coach Les Miles only claps with his palms.

As explained by The New York Times:

Miles explained the evolution of his distinctive manner of clapping, which often involves his being hunched over as he smacks his palms together with his fingers spread wide. As it turns out, it is all about preventing injury. “You can’t be soft-handed; it has to be an aggressive clap,” he said before a demonstration. “You keep your fingers out so that you don’t get them caught in between, you know what I’m saying? If you get them in between here” — he gestured to the area between his fingers — “it can be an ineffective clap and you can get hurt. Injuries can occur if you don’t keep your fingers spread.”

Like most things Miles says, it makes absolutely no sense. Any normal person can clap with his or her fingers without smashing them.

Then again, Miles is far from ordinary.

[New York Times]


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