LeBron James Gets Ohio St. Hoops Locker


We thought we’d seen it all when Nike founder and Oregon super booster Phil Knight got his own football locker at Autzen Stadium.

But Ohio State and basketball head coach Thad Matta have taken a page out of the Ducks’ playbook by giving Akron, OH, native and Miami Heat superstar LeBron James his own locker at the Buckeyes’ new basketball facility.

While the locker is somewhat ridiculous, it’s an ingenius recruiting tool for the Buckeyes and a great way to further the bond between the program and James, who is a self-professed Ohio State super fan that has said in the past he would have been a Buckeye if he had played college basketball.

However, we’re guessing Ohio State fans in the Cleveland area are slightly less enthused about this new addition.


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