Lane Kiffin Holds 28-Second Presser


It goes without saying that USC head coach Lane Kiffin is the most despised college football coach in the country.

And his press conference following Wednesday’s practice certainly won’t help his image. You see, the presser lasted all of 28 seconds after Kiffin was apparently incensed over a question about an injured player.

If you recall, reporting on injured K Andre Heidari is what got Los Angeles Daily News beat writer Scott Wolf temporarily banned from receiving USC media credentials last week.

On Wednesday, the drama over injured USC unfolded again just four days removed from the Trojans’ shocking 21-14 loss to Stanford on Saturday night. After giving an upbeat 16-second intro to the press conference, the first question Kiffin received was apparently about an injured player as the audio is muted on YouTube. Kiffin responded with “I dunno” and let out a big sigh of frustration. As someone else started to ask a second question, Kiffin said, “I gotta go,” and bolted.

Kiffin didn’t make quite the scene Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen did last month over a question about an injured player, but it appears to be just more boorish behavior from the Trojans’ head man.

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