KU’s Self Roasts PG Johnson at Banquet

At Kansas’ recent end-of-season basketball banquet, coach Bill Self looked fondly back on Elijah Johnson’s 39-point performance in a 108–96 OT victory at Iowa State on February 25.

Well, not completely fondly.

“Talk about Elijah’s 39 points, which I think is great Elijah. But your last two almost got my a** whipped after the game,” Self said to the crowd, which immediately burst out in laughter.

Self was making light of Johnson’s unsportsmanlike (some would say) dunk at the end of OT, with the game well in hand. The Cyclones’ controversial loss whipped many of their fans into a fury; in his joke Self was referring to a middle-aged man who charged at him after the final whistle.

If he wanted to, Self could do quite well for himself if he started dabbling in stand-up comedy on the side.


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