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KU Fan, 8, Won’t Take Off Lucky Jersey


Kansas basketball fans sure are a superstitious bunch.

On the heels of the #KUBoobs phenomenon comes the story of a young fan, 8, that refuses to take off his lucky No. 15 Kansas jersey, the old number of Mario Chalmers, until his favorite team loses.

Click on the link below for the story and photos from The Wichita Eagle, which said that young Palmer Kiefer first put on the jersey before KU’s first NCAA tournament game nearly two weeks ago.

The story said that Kiefer takes it off to take a bath but warned his mother not to wash away the stink - because that could make the Jayhawks’ luck dissipate as well.

His mother posted the following on Facebook recently, according to the newspaper, aimed at the students and teachers at Hyde Elementary School:

“I apologize in advance for Palmer wearing his KU jersey every day until they play again. … I have been instructed not to wash it or it will mess with KU’s winning streak.

“Yes! It is getting a bit dirty since he has worn it daily since the 16th. But I have been informed ‘rules are rules’ and this is a BIG RULE and I can NOT be responsible for single-handedly ruining KU’s winning streak by washing THE jersey.”

According to the report, Kiefer has worn the jersey everywhere from the zoo during spring break to his class picture day. And he no doubt hopes that he can keep wearing it though Monday if Kansas can win the national title.

Stink and all.

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