Mascot Tackle Gives Student Seizure

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The video below is disturbing.]

One of the staples of Kansas State home games is a pregame ritual during which school mascot Willie the Wildcat tackles a “fan” of KSU’s opponent that day. It’s usually all in good fun, but on Saturday it turned scary.

After being tackled by Willie, a student dressed up as a West Virginia fan started suffering a seizure at midfield of Bill Snyder Family Stadium. Perhaps not realizing what was happening and/or thinking it was all part of the act, the crowd (and Willie) continued with their “K-S-U!” chant.

The student regained his bearings and was helped to his feet, after which he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was be evaluated and released with no serious injuries reported. Don’t be surprised if Kansas State athletics has Willie the Wildcat deliver his tackles with a little less “oomph” from now on.

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