Kingsbury Causes Spike in Oakley Sales

A mere five days have passed since Kliff Kingsbury was hired as the head coach at his alma mater, Texas Tech, and he’s already influencing fashion trends in Lubbock, TX.

According to Darren Newport, the manager of the Oakley store in Lubbock’s South Plains Mall, sales of the brand of shades that Kingsbury sports on the sideline - Frogskins - have been so strong that the store is almost sold out, requiring a new shipment that will arrive on Friday.

“We had enough to handle regular-season sales,” Newport told the Avalanche-Journal’s Brittany Hoover. “That’s one of the most popular frames anyway, but with [Kingsbury] here, (we’re almost sold out).”

Ladies of Lubbock, if you want to get your man something he’ll appreciate this holiday season, get him the Kliff Kingsbury Makeover. Neither they nor you will be disappointed.

[Lubbock Online]

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