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Keyshawn Confronted Speeding Bieber?


According to a TMZ source, one of the callers who notified authorities of Justin Bieber’s reckless driving in Calabasas, CA, on Sunday night was none other than former USC and three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson.

What’s more, Johnson reportedly tried taking matters into his own hands before contacting the authorities.

According to TMZ, Johnson had left a party in Calabasas - where he, like Bieber, is a resident - along with one of his four children on Sunday night when Bieber sped by in his Ferrari at “breakneck speeds.” Johnson then reportedly dropped his child off at home before taking off after Bieber in his Prius. (Try picturing that for a moment without cracking a smile.)

Johnson reportedly got out of his car upon arriving at Bieber’s house in order to confront him, When Bieber refused, Johnson called the police.

That’s certainly one way to fill the dead time between now and the start of the NFL season for the football player turned ESPN analyst. Keyshawn Johnson profile


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