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Rivals Ranks UK’s 2014 FB Class No. 1


Before he’s even won a single game as Kentucky’s new head football coach, Mark Stoops has already proved the worth of his hiring last November on the recruiting trail.

At one point on Monday, the Wildcats boasted the best recruiting class in the country for the Class of 2014 according to Rivals.com, ahead of the likes of Texas, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Alabama, Notre Dame, Michigan and Florida State. Yes, this is the same Kentucky that finished last season 2-10 and hasn’t beaten Florida since 1986.

The Longhorns later overtook the Wildcats, but the fact remains that Kentucky is all of a sudden a force to be reckoned with on the CFB recruiting trail.

These rankings will change dramatically between now and National Signing Day next February. That being said, if the Wildcats come close anywhere close to the top spot on this list, it might be an even more impressive recruiting haul than what John Calipari pulled off with his “New Fab Five” of basketball recruits.

Perhaps the Class of 2014 sat up and took serious notice of that recently published Emory study that said Lexington was the best destination for aspiring NFL players.

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