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Kentucky Basketball: John Calipari Took $343,000 in Private Flights in 2013


In a reveal that probably won’t surprise anyone, it was recently reported that Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari took about $343,000 worth of chartered flights last year as part of national recruiting trips.

Reports the Louisville Courier-Journal: “Calipari took a private jet far more often ($342,713.91 worth total in 2013-14) than [Mark] Stoops, largely because the basketball program recruits from coast to coast — Calipari was in California twice last year — and the majority of UK’s football recruits come from within reasonable driving distance of campus.”

The private flights — which are funded primarily by the school’s recruiting budget and supplemented by booster donations — are a necessity according to UK SID DeWayne Peevy. “Usually he’s got one day to get up and back, and that takes commercial flights out of it. It can’t turn into two days, because it will upset everything in the schedule. That’s not really conducive to what we expect out of the program.”

You didn’t really expect Calipari and his Armani suits to fly commercial, did you?

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