Karl Malone Blasts La. Tech for No Bowl


Louisiana Tech football finished the 2012 season with a strong 9–3 record, but the Bulldogs will not be going to a bowl. AD Bruce Van De Velde says it is because the organizers of the Independence Bowl did not leave LTU enough time to make a decision between their game and others.

That hesitance left the Bulldogs out of the postseason picture entirely - much to the chagrin of one of the school’s most famous sporting alums.

Former Louisiana Tech basketball and NBA star Karl Malone took to Twitter on Sunday night after news of the Bulldogs’ bowl-less December first broke. Befitting his personality, the Mailman didn’t mince words.

Malone has previously landed in hot water for speaking his mind and we’re guessing the Bulldogs’ athletic department isn’t too happy with its greatest basketball player ever right now.


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