Kansas Writer Ripped for Naadir Tharpe Column


When point guard Naadir Tharpe announced that he was transferring from Kansas last week, Lawrence Journal-World columnist Tom Keegan didn’t focus on Tharpe’s off-the-court controversies or how Tharpe decided to transfer in part to be closer to his newborn daughter.

Rather, Keegan spent his column joking about how funny it was that Tharpe used phrases like “due to extenuating circumstances” and “at this juncture” in his transfer announcement.

“Pity I didn’t get to know the fine lad well enough to converse with him to the point he felt comfortable speaking the King’s English,” Keegan wrote last Friday. “I read the release and pictured him sipping tea with legs crossed, scarf around his neck, patches on the elbows of his tweed jacket, lamenting, ‘Oh dear, wherever did I leave the crumpets?’ ”

As Awful Announcing’s Ken Fang points out, if Keegan was so intent on criticizing the syntax in the press release, he should’ve gone after the KU Sports Information Department (who most likely drafted the quotes) rather than attack Tharpe’s acumen. But he didn’t, and he came across as the epitome of a smug, haughty sports columnist as a result.

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