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Kansas Football: 8 GIFs Proving the Jayhawks Are a Trainwreck


After a brief renaissance under Mark Mangino in the mid- to late 2000s, Kansas football has returned to its moribund ways. Since Mangino’s resignation following the 2009 season in the wake of player abuse allegations, the Jayhawks have gone 9-39 - including an unsightly 2-33 mark in Big 12 play.

Several moments during KU’s 3-9 campaign in 2013, memorialized in GIF form, demonstrate the depths at which it currently sits under head coach Charlie Weis.

1. Faking Out Nobody

Kansas was actually tied with favored and 20th-ranked Texas Tech, 10-10, on Oct. 5. That’s when the Jayhawks tried to catch the Red Raiders by surprise on a fake punt.

Tried and failed miserably, unfortunately. Both TTU players rushing punter Trevor Pardula managed to reach him and help force him out of bounds after he barely got back to the line of scrimmage.

2. Trick or Treat

Two weeks later, Oklahoma showed Kansas how you actually run a gadget play.

With the Jayhawks surprisingly leading the favored Sooners, 13-8, Oklahoma WR Lacoltan Bester took a reverse handoff. With all the time in the world, he lofted a pass down the right sideline to teammate Sterling Shepard for a backbreaking (to KU) 49-yard TD pass.

3. Celebratory Stumble

After Oklahoma missed an extra point with the Sooners trailing 13-6, the Jayhawks might’ve started entertaining notions of a shocking upset. But as a sign that Kansas takes two steps back for every step forward, one Kansas player celebrated the miss with a faceplant on the turf.

4. You Got Seastrunk’d

With Baylor pounding on the Jayhawks, 38-0, with 2:48 gone in the third quarter of an eventual 59-14 blowout last Oct. 26, KU’s defense thought it had salvaged some pride by stopping Bears RB Lache Seastrunk well behind the line of scrimmage.

Emphasis on “thought,” as Seastrunk seemed to run away from all 11 members of the Kansas defense on the play. What should’ve been a 10-yard loss went for a 12-yard gain and another Baylor first down.

5. Gray Hair-Inducing Ineptitude

Granted, the elderly female fan above was likely already gray-haired when she entered Memorial Stadium for KU’s thrashing by Baylor. Given her age, we’re impressed that she was still sticking around even with the final result long decided.

Ever do something as a little kid that would earn the disapproving head shake of your grandmother? That’s what the GIF above is, except Jayhawks football is the petulant grandson.

6. Yeehaw!

After surrendering the first 45 points of the game to Baylor, Kansas finally got on the scoreboard with a Brandon Bourbon TD run with 4:51 remaining in the third quarter. The Jayhawks diehard who the ESPN cameras honed in on for a celebration shot was an anonymous one. A rubber horse’s head hid his face from view.

Perhaps the wearer chose it because it had more personality than the tried-and-true paper bag with eye holes - the ashamed fan’s traditional headwear of choice.

7. Slippery Pigskin

Kansas had a penchant for haplessly chasing after things against Baylor. Earlier in the third quarter it was Lache Seastrunk. Roughly 10 minutes of game time later, it was the football.

Just as they couldn’t corral Seastrunk, the Jayhawks failed to recover the pigskin after it was fumbled away by Bears backup QB Seth Russell. Even though, just like with their non-tackling on Seastrunk, it appeared that every KU defensive player had a shot at it.

8. Bevo Bouncer

The Jayhawks were trailing Texas, 14-6, on Nov. 2 but had a chance to get back in it with the ball at the Longhorns’ 46-yard line. Then before you knew it, KU’s comeback window passed in a flash.

Cedric Reed sacked and knocked the ball loose from Kansas QB Jake Heaps. On one bounce the pigskin landed in the hands of Chris Whaley, who had no one in front of him en route to a 40-yard fumble recovery TD. Which marked the first seven of 21 unanswered points the Lonhorns would score in a 35-13 win.

Never fear, Kansas fans: You’ll only have to endure a month-and-a-half of this in 2014 until Midnight Madness practice.

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