‘Jungle Bird’ Wishes Irish Luck vs. Tide


One of the breakout stars in sports in 2012 was “Jungle Bird,” the eccentric fan who donned a British hat and crowed like a bird while crashing the U.S. Open and Notre Dame’s season opener vs. Navy in Dublin, Ireland.

Well, the Jungle Bird has returned in 2013 to wish the Irish good luck before Monday’s showdown with Alabama for the BCS national title. Says Jungle Bird in the 34-second clip:

“Just over four months ago, I ran on the pitch, scored a touchdown and danced an Irish jig in the end zone at the Emerald Isle Classic in Dublin, Ireland. I did this to help raise awareness against the problem of deforestation and to help protect the natural habitat for animals such as my two friends here (points to two people in monkey outfits). I’ve been following you guys ever since. I want to congratulate you on your unbeaten record this season and wish you the luck of the Irish tomorrow as you play Alabama. Go Irish!”

What Jungle Bird crashing sporting events does to raise deforestation awareness, we will never know.

But we can only hope he makes another surprise cameo tonight in Miami.

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