Embree Emotional at CU Farewell Presser


The best analogy for Jon Embree’s farewell press conference on Monday following his firing as Colorado’s head coach is a bad breakup where one of the parties involved is much more upset at it not working out.

“Thank you for letting me help you guys become men,” Embree said early on, clearly choked up from the get-go. “We talk about the heart of a buffalo. Keep that with you at all times.”

When Embree finally got a hold of his emotions, he expressed in doing things “the right way,” pointing to an unprecedentedly high GPA and good behavior off the field among his players. “You’re not judged by the scoreboard at the end of the day,” he said, a clear message to his players. “I was, but you won’t be.”

Embree clearly wanted to do right by his alma mater, for whom he starred as an All-Big 8 tight end in the 1980s. In spite of the struggles he endured during a 4–21, two-year tenure, he clearly wants to “stay friends” with Colorado.

[College Spun]

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