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John L. Smith Implores Media to ‘Smile!’


What, John L. Smith worry?

Paying no heed to the hot seat he now occupies following Arkansas’ 52–0 demolition at the hands of Alabama on Saturday, the Razorbacks coach took the podium for his Monday press conference imploring the media to “get your chin up” as opposed to the other way around.

The most bizarre moment of it all? When he screamed at the gathered press, “Smile! Alright?! If not, I’m not talking!” before grinning and starting to talk about the Hogs’ Week 4 opponent, Rutgers.

Right now, our list of Smith’s “Zaniest Media Moments” includes 10 such moments. If he keeps treating us to press conference shenanigans like this, the rankings could double in size by season’s end.

[Saturday Down South]

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