Mora Clashes with LA Times Columnist

Several times in his first season as UCLA’s coach, Jim Mora has been in the wrong when it comes to his treatment of the local media. The press conference following the Bruins’ loss to Stanford on Saturday, on the other hand, was one occasion when Mora came across as the good guy.

After Mora opened the postgame presser by congratulating Stanford on their 35–17 win and briefly previewing their Pac-12 Championship Game meeting on Friday, Los Angeles Times columnist T.J. Simers accused Mora and his team of giving up.

“So I figured after the first quarter, you’re thinking that it’s time to pack it in and play it like a preseason game when you realized you couldn’t beat them,” Simers said.

Simers, who has a history of being a needler, continued this line of questioning for nearly two minutes before Mora brought it to a halt by asking, “Is there a question in there?” Considering how obnoxious Simers was, Mora should be commended for his calmness.


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