Jeremiah Rivers Slams ESPN’s Simmons


Doc Rivers isn’t the only member of his family to take up arms in an increasingly catty disagreement with ESPN’s Bill Simmons on Rivers’ final days as the Boston Celtics’ head coach.

First there was Rivers’ daughter, Callie (a former Florida volleyball player), insisting the day after her dad’s feud with Simmons on ESPN that the latter was “making stuff up.” It proved to be just an appetizer for what her older brother Jeremiah — a former Georgetown and Indiana guard currently with the D-League’s Maine Red Claws — had to say.

Simmons, to his credit, issued a pretty funny tweet in reply.

That being said, until that second-to-last tweet, Rivers’ argument in defense of his dad was clear, coherent and impassioned. It’s not often that we write about Twitter rants that fulfill all of those descriptors. Jeremiah Rivers profile

[Larry Brown Sports]


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