Jeopardy! Players Bomb CFB Category - Lost Lettermen

Jeopardy! Players Bomb CFB Category


We’ve already seen that college football trivia can be the Kryptonite of Jeopardy!‘s contestants, but what America witnessed on Monday night was a staggering lack of knowledge about the sport from some very smart individuals.

One of the categories for the long-running game show was “College Football Hall of Famers’ Schools.” After five-time defending champion Ben Ingram got the $200 and $400 clues correctly (“George Gipp & Joe Theismann” and “Lynn Swann & Marcus Allen”), all three contestants whiffed on the next three clues that would be softballs for any college football fan (“Archie Griffin & Eddie George”, “Bobby Layne & Earl Campbell” and “Johnny Rodgers & Grant Wistrom”).

Not only couldn’t the contestants came up with the correct answers - er, questions - two of them didn’t have enough of a clue to even try guessing. Donna at least rang her buzzer to guess that Griffin and George attended Georgia. We’ll pardon the contestants for not correctly answering “Texas” and “Nebraska” for the last two clues, but no contestant knowing the school of the only two-time Heisman Trophy winner and one of the most high-profile football players in America over the past two decades is mind-boggling.

We take it none of these three ever applied to be contestants on “Stump the Schwab.”

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