LSU Football: JaMarcus Russell in New DISH Ad (VIDEO) - Lost Lettermen

LSU Football: JaMarcus Russell in New DISH Ad (VIDEO)


DISH released an ad two weeks ago giving USC quarterback Matt Leinart, Tennessee quarterback Heath Shuler and Oklahoma linebacker Brian Bosworth the chance to relive their college glory days. It’s graciously allowed JaMarcus Russell to get in on the fun.

The new spot features the four at a backyard BBQ dropping puns left and right about how Dish Network is letting them “go back to college.”

Say what you will about how their NFL careers panned out, but at least Russell and the others can poke fun at themselves, which is more than most college-stars-turned-pro-flameouts are willing to do.

So when does it become OK for Dish to film a spot featuring Tim Tebow?

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