Hoyas’ Iverson Dominates the Competition


Allen Iverson has had it rough in recent days. On February 5, an Atlanta judge presiding over his divorce proceedings ripped the 11-time NBA All-Star as an unfit parent. The next day, reports surfaced that “AI” had lost his Atlanta mansion in a foreclosure auction.

It all cast an additional pall over one of the more memorable basketball careers in recent memory. And it wasn’t just in the NBA where Iverson was a star.

The Hampton, VA, native spent just two seasons at Georgetown, but he certainly made them count. Dominant on both the offensive (23.0 PPG) and defensive (3.2 SPG) sides of the court, Iverson led the Hoyas to the 1996 Elite Eight and 1995 Sweet Sixteen. He was a 1996 First Team All-American and First Team All-Big East performer as well as a two-time conference Defensive Player of the Year.

Chances are good that any Hoyas fan tuning in to Georgetown’s nationally televised game on Monday night against Marquette still remembers how thoroughly “AI” dominated his collegiate competition, as evidenced in the mix tape below. Allen Iverson profile

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