IU’s Watford Autographs Natty ‘Title Belt’ - Lost Lettermen


IU’s Watford Autographs Natty ‘Title Belt’


Thanks to Christian Watford — or, rather, an Indiana fan seeking an autograph from Christian Watford — we now know that the case for a 30-rack of Natty Light can be used to make a championship belt.

A “Natty belt” was one of the items Watford was asked to sign at an autograph session in Bloomington last Friday. Hey, if adult fans can ask college athletes to sign their newborn babies, then it’s entirely logical for college-aged kids to bring beer-related items for them to sign.

Plus, you can tell that Watford is getting a kick out of signing something other than a piece of Indiana apparel or a photograph - not to mention perhaps learning along with us about the existence of a “Natty belt.”


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