Irish’s Louis Nix Wins Bet, Plays QB


If you thought Refrigerator Perry was intimidating as a fullback in Super Bowl XX, check out 340-pound Notre Dame defensive tackle Louis Nix playing quarterback on Saturday in Notre Dame’s spring game.

After winning a bet with head coach Brian Kelly over academics, Kelly allowed Nix one play at quarterback out of the shot gun formation on a two-point conversion. Looking quite limber, Nix scrambled up the middle for a score as linebacker Kendall Moore wisely got out of Nix’s way at the goal line.

Said Nix afterward: “My intentions were to truck somebody. I didn’t care about the touchdown too much. I just wanted to run somebody over and show coach I do it without fumbling the ball.”

We can only hope the “WildNix” formation makes it into the playbook this fall for the Irish.


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