Irish Fan Inks ND’s Golden Dome on Head

College football players have a penchant for crazy tattoos, as demonstrated by the likes of Alabama’s Russell Raines and his “YOLO” inking. But the fans who cheer for them may be even crazier when it comes to body ink.

Such as Notre Dame supporter Tracey Moore. Over the course of nine hours, Moore had the school’s iconic Golden Dome — officially known as the Main Administration Building — tattooed on the back of his shaved head courtesy of Michiana Tattoo Emporium in Niles, MI.

“It was painful,” Moore told ABC57. “I can’t say it didn’t hurt, because it did.”

But the temporary pain Moore experienced was worth it, both for the sake of supporting his beloved Irish and for the conversation starter his tattoo has become.

“I have pictures taken all over the place,” he said. “If I had money for every picture taken, I’d be rich.”

Moore’s display of devotion looks less crazy in light of Notre Dame’s 8-0 start.


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