Iraq Vet Misses Out on NMSU $2K Prize


In an effort to attract more fans to its football games, New Mexico State is offering $2,000 to a lucky fan - drawn at random from the school’s database of students - who remains at an Aggies home game until the fourth quarter.

The winner during last Saturday’s 26-16 loss to San Diego State was sophomore Matthew Zajac, a 26-year-old Iraqi veteran and double amputee. He, unfortunately, couldn’t collect his prize because he was caring for his 87-year-old grandmother at the time of the game.

“It’d be nice to win the money, but my priorities were elsewhere,” Zajac told the Las Cruces Sun. “It doesn’t get to me.”

To its credit, NMSU - who, let’s face it, couldn’t have known that Zajac was both a veteran and a double amputee when they pulled his name for the database - is looking for another way to honor him.

[Dr. Saturday]

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