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Iowa State AD Booted From H.S. Game


Despite his standing in the Ames, IA, community as Iowa State’s athletic director, Jamie Pollard showed on Tuesday that he falls victim to the same crazed sports parenting syndrome that anyone else can come down with.

While cheering on his son Thomas — a sophomore at Gilbert High School — in a basketball game at Colfax-Mingo, Pollard voiced his disagreement with a call made by the referee. While Pollard didn’t use any foul language, his assessment that “he would have been embarrassed to make a similar call” was enough for the official to ask that he be escorted from the gym.

Pollard left without protest, and there are no hard feelings from Colfax-Mingo school officials. “Parents just get caught up in the game and Mr. Pollard got caught up in the game,” said district superintendent Marty Lucas.


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