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Iowa FB Getting Wacky Throwback Unis?


Nothing surprises us when it comes to football uniforms anymore after the last 12 months that has seen everything from Maryland state pride uniforms to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ “bumblebee” throwbacks.

But a photo of what could be Iowa’s throwback uniforms for the team’s rivalry game with Iowa State on Sept. 8th are, well, out there. Don Muret, a writer for the SportsBusiness Journal, tweeted a photo of the uniforms on Tuesday that allegedly will be used to honor the 1921-22 national champion Hawkeyes.

We like the actual use of the color gold instead of the bright yellow the Hawkeyes currently use but the uniform looks more like a strapless dress with a plunging neckline than a football uniform.

Not even Jennifer Lopez could make these look good.

[Kegs N Eggs]

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