Iowa RB Banned from TV & Video Games


Last Saturday, Iowa running back Damon Bullock returned to action for the first time since Sept. 15, rushing for 107 yards on 22 carries in the Hawkeyes’ 28–17 loss to Northwestern.

Bullock had been sidelined for the previous four games with a concussion he sustained against Northern Iowa. His recovery was aided in large part by a “medication” that would be a nightmare to many college students: No TV or video games.

Doctors commonly treat concussions by having the victims avoid screens of any kind so as to reduce the number of headaches that they experience.

“Certain things the doctor was telling me — like don’t watch TV and stay off the computer — they were kind of hard to do,” Bullock said. “As soon as I figured out that it wasn’t working for me to keep watching TV and playing video games on the computer ... I had to slow it down.”

Now that he has a clean bill of health and clearance to play, Bullock probably hopes the next bit of good medical news he receives is permission to play video games again. He is a college sophomore, after all.

[Hawk Central]

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