Illinois Getting New Football Helmets?


Illinois is a month removed from hiring a new football coach and now it appears new football helmets may be on the way.

Check the photo below posted on the Illinois fan site Illinois Loyalty with the headline, “The new Illinois football helmets?” and the message, “taken from Facebook . I think this is what the new staff has been showing the recruits as to what might be possibilities”. It shows a picture of an altered orange lid and a blue helmet with a block “I” on it.

Illinois has had its current look since 1989 featuring “ILLINOIS” in all caps and the word underlined, but coaching changes often result in new helmets and uniforms to start a new era for football programs.

We’re not sure if Illinois would have different home and away helmets or are deciding between different options.

While the old helmets were nothing special, the new orange lid without a stripe down the middle and curving letters is actually worse. However, the blue helmet with a matte finish and bright orange “I” that pops off the lid is a bigger winner (although we think subbing out the block “I” for the school’s logo would be even sharper); let’s hope the Illini stick with those fulltime.

[Illinois Loyalty]

Illinois Fighting Illini Football Helmets

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