Huskies Go Nuts Over Orange Bowl Bid - Lost Lettermen

Huskies Go Nuts Over Orange Bowl Bid


March Madness is over four months away, yet the first thing brought to mind by Northern Illinois’ reaction upon earning an Orange Bowl berth was a mid-major or bubble team finding out that they had made the Big Dance.

All the Huskies players and coaches were gathered in a football meeting room on Sunday night and nervously watched ESPN list the teams ranked 12–15, which would clinch a BCS bowl berth. Upon seeing that NIU had jumped to No. 15 following its MAC Championship Game victory on Friday night, everyone in the room went nuts.

It is a great reaction to watch. Fittingly it boasts a 140-to-2, like-to-dislike ratio. What are the odds that those two “dislikes” are both from Kirk Herbstreit?


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