Huskers Wearing Black vs. UCLA on 9/14


Nebraska’s first-team defense has been known as the “Blackshirts” going back to the early 1960s, a nickname that refers to the black practice jerseys that Huskers defenders wear during practice.

On September 14th against UCLA, every Cornhusker player will get in on the “blackshirt” act during the game.

As described on Adidas’ Facebook page, these black TECHFIT jerseys feature “white stencil font numbers” while the Cornhuskers’ matte white helmet features a “wide black stripe, stencil numbers and a face mask that fades from red to matte black.”

The same stretch mark-like patterning that’s on UCLA’s new, widely-panned jerseys is also present on these, but it’s not as apparent (or egregious) on black. At a time when every college football player dreams of donning an all-black jersey, the Cornhuskers players are probably going to love these.

We’re in the middle on them. Grade: B


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