Huskers Get New Alternate Home Unis

Nebraska fans used to seeing their beloved Cornhuskers in the traditional red and white helmets and jerseys will be in for quite a shock during one of the team’s home games in 2012.

A YouTube video released Thursday from the Adidas Football channel shows off a Nebraska “Techfit” ensemble not too dissimilar from the Nike Pro Combat alternate unis that Stanford wore during its 2011 contest against Notre Dame (with a jersey design like what Michigan wore vs. Notre Dame). The Huskers will wear the uniforms for the Sept. 29 showdown with Wisconsin to be played under the lights at Memorial Stadium.

The helmet design is the same, but with an impressive-looking black background in place of white. In terms of a dramatic departure from the old, that’s nothing compared to the jerseys: A giant black “N” in the chest area with the numbers tucked away by the left shoulder of a cherry red uni.

One zany touch the Huskers could have done without: The black-and-red checkerboard socks. They look like something a day-trader would wear.

Big Ten rival Penn State should take note that changing up uniforms old as time is possible. Grade: B+

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